The magic of combining 
Weight-loss and muscle-toning.
Ready to get serious?
Your new body awaits you.
Deanna Triplet, one of our CRUSH graduates.
"... My jeans feel great... my hubby has even noticed... my co-workers comment daily on my new vitality.
But what shocked me today, a girl grabbed my ass 2 handed!?!? And says "Your but is looking so... and firm, 
I just had to check for myself"
Ray, you need a disclaimer on your CRUSH program"
Shawna Kirkwood
Healthy, slim and strong
is what happens with CRUSH.
"I'm full of energy, confident and strong!"
The total Body makeover program.
For the last 18 months, we've had to turn away all new CRUSH applicants.
The existing members simply keep renewing.
With time, job changes etc. a few positions have now become available.
And I do mean "few"... now only 3 spots available.
We will start accepting applications this week.
Once we find the 3 who qualify, the program will be closed again
until late next year.
Why "applications"?
Because this is a special program filled with only serious and dedicated students.
We will be accepting only those that are serious about getting that strong, lean, toned look.
With only 6 spots available, we are forced to screen away all the "tire-kickers" 
and those that just "wish" they were more confident and looked awesome.
The very first step we take is to trim off any excess body fat. Whether you're coming in with 50 pounds of fat, or those last 10 stubborn, hard to lose pounds, we're going to CRUSH through that plateau and make it happen. 
The fact is, this program is tough, it's intense and it works!
Trim off the excess fat and you start building a foundation that will turn heads. 
It’s no mystery that after weight loss, especially major weight loss, there’s going to be some “tightening” needed. The next thing CRUSH will do get everything tightened up. This is when the nice "flat belly" starts coming in.
From tightening the skin to lifting the butt. From tightening the back to pulling in the belly. Tightening alone will make you look leaner and stronger than ever.
This is where the magic happens. Let’s get real, skinny isn’t cool, sexy or healthy. We’re not going for skinny, we’re going for strong, athletic and UNSTOPPABLE. We’re going for that “damn, you look good!” head turning reaction.
But it goes beyond just looking sexy. When you're sporting the body of your dreams, you're more confident. You believe in yourself. 
You get a new appetite for life.
Life stops passing you by.
You become unstoppable!
Kristy Beadman, another CRUSH graduates.
"I loved the fact that I was challenged to be better in every single class whether it was lifting or cardio. The fact that everyone else has the same goal as me helped drive me to push harder than I ever would. 
I have reached a personal low of weight 135. It felt amazing to step on the scale and see that. But what bested the scale was all the inches I have lost. I look more fit and feel like a million bucks every day. It's nice to hear the compliments from people who don't even know me telling me that they don't believe I've had a baby just 5 short months ago. 
In short, I'm a happier and healthier me."   
Amanda Marr
designed for fast results! 
Let me give you a quick run-down as to why CRUSH is so effective at delivering results - FAST. 
The secret to getting results?  
In one word... ADAPTATION ​ 
There's a way of working-out that jump start's your body, that put's you in FAT SHREDDING mode
 and that crushes anything that stands in your way.
But here's the problem... INEFFECTIVE fitness programs!
Programs that have little to no chance of giving you the body you want.
It's called "ENTERTRAINMENT"! 
You know. Those fun and easy workouts designed for you to have a good time.
Your conscience will feel good but the body you want... will never happen.
If that's what you're looking for, THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR YOU.
BUT, if you're looking for real "Bad-Ass" results in a matter of weeks instead of years (or never), then keep reading
Research and science have shown that there's a proven way, that guarantees quick results that everyone can see!
Let's get real for a second... 

Have you ever noticed all the people that are working out HARD but after a short while the results come to a full stop?
Ever wonder WHY?

Let me explain... Just like working hard for a living does NOT automatically give you the high income you want, working hard in the gym/club does NOT automatically give you the body you want.

Let's put it in another way...

If you swing a bat real hard. I mean you give it all you've got and you do it consistently, week after week. month after month. But you're pointing in the WRONG DIRECTION. Will it do you ANY good?
What if you did this 5 days a week? How about 7?
Then why would anybody think that just working out hard is all it takes to get a "Bad-Ass" body?

It doesn't and here's why?

Your body is powerful beyond belief and its an amazingly efficient piece of machinery that adapts quickly to any work load.

What does that mean?

Once your body has adapted, all results STOP.
That's why, when you start any regular fitness program, some results appear right away - while your body is adapting - but then slows down and quickly come to a complete stop.

Why am I saying all this?

You need to understand why and how this works and that this is NOT hocus-pocus!
You need to understand the difference between "entertraining" and real, result producing training.
Just like Olympic athletes, in this program NOTHING is done without a specific reason.
This includes exercise order, amount, duration, timing, reps, sets etc. It even applies to cardio!
You see, I assume that you are serious about burning fat and looking fit & toned.
That you haven't read this far for any other reason then getting RESULTS.
The bottom line...
It's this ADAPTATION process that gives you the body you want.
It's the ADAPTATION process that keeps the results coming... and NOTHING else.
It's NOT "how much" work you do or how hard you work-out.
What determines if you get the body you want is very simple:
Are you doing the specific things that are needed 
to trigger ADAPTATION in EVERY workout? ​
It's through this constant ADAPTATION that we get the results we're after. 
"My best 8 week physical result has been the repositioning of my butt. It is much higher and firmer than it has been in years, thanks I’m sure to the daily squats. I sit taller, walk more confidently and believe I am far more capable than I ever could have imagined.
This program is most certainly worth the sweat, commitment and gains. "   
Shawna Kirkwood
"What I liked the most about the Crush program is the sense of empowerment and increased confidence it gave me. I initially started with many negative feelings like the fear of stepping way out of my comfort zone, wondering if I’m too old, or too weak, or if I can even stick it out for the 8 weeks. 
Needless to say, these negative feelings were short-lived. With Ray’s support and the support of the whole group, I became more confident every day. I stressed over it for nothing. 
The results I experienced are amazing. Firstly, there’s the weight loss, which is awesome. But the best thing is the toning and definition I am starting to see in my arms. Also, I have more energy and feel stronger. This is, by far, the best program ever!"  
Linda Zubal
Now, if this all sounds "too good to be true", you're right. 
There IS a catch...
In order to work closely, step by step with each student.
In order to fully maximize your results we need to seriously limit the number of participants.
I know... Our average classes run between 40 and 60 people... 
but for serious results, we can't risk losing you in the crowd.
Only 3 lucky people will be allowed to get in on all this.
Once the 3 spots are filled... that's it.
“I'm wearing my favorite jeans today and they are sooooo comfortable! Huge success. Thanks Crush”
Shawna Kirkwood
Here's What You Get...
 - 8 weeks of specially designed "resistance" type workouts for those "Dame you look good" comments. 
 - 8 Weeks of special "cardio" workouts that burn fat and get's you that "head turning" SHAPE!
 - 8 workshops showing you step by step how to overcome cravings, lack of willpower and how to turn off your FAT-SWITCH.
 - A special "toning & fat melting" diet program designed to fully energize you for the quickest results.
 - A powerful tracking system that keeps you on course and avoids all the "I'll start back on Monday" miss-steps and re-starts!
 - Daily motivation to feed your mental energy and maintain a winning mind-set that is a KEY ingredient for success.
 - Daily tips and tricks that you will continue using long after the program has ended.
 - Special supplement education. Which ones work. Which one's don't. And all those that are a complete waist of $$
 - Semi-Private coaching and tailoring of the whole program to overcome any personal obstacles.
 A complete step-by-step road-map 
to the best looking body you've ever had.

Yes, this program, with all of it's different components, education workshops and semi-private coaching is easily worth $1,200.

And at $1,200, we would accept anybody.
But that would dilute individual attention and those that are really serious, could get lost in the group.

Instead what we've done is lowered the tuition to only $399.
However, we've had to set up a screening process to weed out 70%+ of applicants.
*** FYI *** If you immediately thought "Oh my lord, $399!!!" Then this program is not for you. 
There are plenty of programs that are much cheaper. But as usual, you get what you pay for.
There's nothing wrong with them except quality "one on one coaching" is all but impossible!
CRUSH is different. We purposely keep the group small and are able to deliver.
Our intent is not to irritate people but to have the absolute best result producing program.
 For that to happen, we HAVE to seriously restrict the number of participants.
If you have any doubts, read the blue box real CRUSH testimonials.
More Details:
- Crush runs for 8 weeks and starts as soon as you'ready. (But will close as soon as the 3 spots are filled!)
- The resistance part of the program runs on... Tuesday and Thursday at 6:45 pm.
- The 2 or 3 Cardio sessions can be done in any of the 12+ weekly class time-slots..
- "Workshops" are either Wed at 8:00 pm (one hour) or Sunday mornings at 11:00 am (one hour)
- Road-Maps, Step-By-Step guides and Reports are all yours to keep and use long after the program has ended.
- Tuition: $399 
"The CRUSH program has enlightened me on the things I need to keep doing as I grow older so that I don’t feel older  A fit body keeps you young and I intend to keep going on the CRUSH track as I have only scratched the surface and I am still wanting more changes.
I have seen some very good results from the CRUSH program. I can fit into all my clothes. Clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in a few years and that excites me because I am a bit of clothes freak! 
I have signed up for the next 8 week CRUSH program because I want to keep seeing results. Thanks Ray!!"   
Leah-Jo Mercer
Motivation is important
but action is ALWAYS vital.
*** Now ONLY 2 Spots AVAILABLE!
Don't Miss Your Chance.
Step 1: Contact
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Credit Card Number:
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Expiry Month:
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ONE TIME OFFER ($199): Lets face it. When it comes to diet and exercise, following through until we've reached our goals can be a challenge. Left to ourselves, most of us tend to slip into complacency. This time, let's do it right. If you're serious and and are "sick and tired of being sick and tire", I will be be your daily "accountability partner" and your Personal Coach. Together, with daily step by step personal coaching, I will make sure you stay on track. No more "yo-yoing". No more starting over. Lets do it correctly. Lets start building momentum every day. Day by day, until you become unstoppable. Slim, fit, full of energy and confident! Are you ready? Standard daily personal coaching is $100/week or $800 for this 8 week program. One time offer only $199.

"The thing I liked the most about Crush is the combination of full body strength training and cardio. In my opinion you need both if you are looking to lose weight or tone up. Results that I achieved so far, down 9 pounds and a total of 8 1/2 inches!"   
Kelley B
Q - What if I'm completely out of shape?  
A - That's okay! In fact, MOST who start off won't be, and that's the point! CRUSH is designed to trim off any excess fat, tighten and tone your body. It's designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be, regardless of where you are right now.
Q - Do I need any equipment?
A - All you need to get started is a towel for the resistance classes and gloves & handwraps for the kickboxing classes.
Q - Do I need to be a current member of Family Kickboxing?
A - NO! This program is open to everyone that qualifies (that are serious). Keep in mind there are only 6 spots.
Q - What if I don't have any experience with resistance training?
A - That's okay! This program is a coach driven class who's sole purpose is to make sure you CRUSH your goals!
Q - Do I need to do the cardio and other stuff on my own?
A - No. All workouts, resistance and cardio, are done at the club. 
Q - What if I can't make a day?
A - That's the beauty of having a select small group. You will have the flexibility of training in different time slots and                days. The coach will tailor your program specifically just for you.
Q - Do I have to buy anything else?
A - No.
Q - Do I have to take supplements?
A - No. We will be showing you what works and what doesn't along with all the "pro's & con's". If you wat to purchase              some, there are a least a dozen places in Sudbury.
Q - Can I make 2 payments?
A - Yes you can if you want to pay $1,200.    No you cannot if you want the $399 deal.   :)
Q - How do I qualify?
A - Download and fill in the " Transformation Questionnaire " and email it to me at 
"The #1 thing that has made a difference for me and is the 4th pillar in the CRUSH program is the psychology !!! The constant yo-yos I have experienced over the past several years has been due to allowing fear to get the best of me.
For 2 months now since applying the daily affirmations, I truly do feel as if I can do anything !! I am applying these oh so important affirmations to every area of my life !! In 2 months I have lost 10 pounds of body fat gone down many inches . The sculpting of my lower body ( my most difficult area ) is coming along beautifully !!! 6 pack is back. 
Overall this program was well worth it !! Not only for the outside transformation but the inside thanks Ray !!"   
Jennifer Boucher
When You Want More Than Just A Workout
And Results MATTER!
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